My name is Enrico Bonamano and I am a tour guide in Venice. I embraced such profession due to the love I feel for Venice since the moment I was born. For more information, please visit the “Introducing myself” section.


I love to travel and I understand travellers like me that are always willing to search something new and exclusive in a touristic destination. For such reason I organize walking tours in routes which show a vision of Venice very different from the usually proposed ones.

Classic Venice:
San Marco and Rialto

Guida turistica a Venezia e accompagnatore turistico - Enrico Bonamano

The itinerary suggests a walking tour among the two most important landmarks of the historic town. Rialto …

Venice, life and art:
Dorsoduro, San Polo and surroundings

Guida turistica a Venezia e accompagnatore turistico - Enrico Bonamano

Enjoy a route around the Dorsoduro district and beyond, cherished by the art lovers. Amongst the many landmarks …

Venice, crossroads of cultures:
Cannaregio and Castello

Guida turistica a Venezia e accompagnatore turistico - Enrico Bonamano

Walk through the zones amongst Cannaregio and Castello off-the-beaten path in a journey through the less known Venice …

Custom Venice:
build Your itinerary!

Guida turistica a Venezia e accompagnatore turistico - Enrico Bonamano

Would You like to melt together ideas and paths? Would You like to cover places I didn’t mention? Would You like …

In the page “itineraries” you’ll find my routes to visit Venice.

My Tour will let you discover unusual sights in Venice, rich of history and popular tales yet off the beaten path. For a day, you’ll live as a Venetian and you will discover some of the main traditions of the Serenissima Republic.


It’s possible to sum my activity in three points:

  • A tour guide in Venice and from Venice to make you discover the Venetian life and its secular traditions.

  • A tour guide not only to escort you on the stones of Venice and amongst its wonders, but also to provide You hints, suggestions, assistance and professionalism during Your stay in Venice.

  • A Tour guide to stroll through the marvelous maze of Venice, with its secret and typical places and the legacy of such magic city.

In addition to making you discover the unusual Venice, as a Tour Leader I’m allowed to provide touristic services and assistance during Your stay in Venice, including transfers to/from the terminals (Cruise terminal, airport, bus terminal, railway station, hotels).

Why should I choose a Tour Guide in Venice?

When you decide to choose a Tour Guide in Venice you have the opportunity to discover different places and situations from the ones usually portrayed in the many online and paper guides. Especially in Venice, where often many marvels are to be found off the touristic routes.

A Tour Guide can share hints on what to do and see, recommending the best shops and locals and the food you need to try.

Walking with somebody who knows Venice as a native is like trusting a “landlord” who takes you under his wing, makes you feel at ease, letting you learn what the place has to offer, and giving you a complete feeling on how it is to live in Venice.

How I became a Tour Guide and a Tour Leader

In 2013 I became a tour leader by passing written and oral exams to achieve my license card from the Provincia di Venezia (district of Venice).

In 2017 I became a Tour Guide after passing the exam in the Provincia di Modena (Emilia Romagna). As of 2013, the profession of Tour Guide is valid within the whole national Italian territory.
Such certifications guarantee a professional and qualified service.