Introducing Myself


Enrico Bonamano, professional and qualified Venice tour guide

As a Venice tour guide, my purpose is to give my contribution as long as a surplus value in order to let you discover this city.

My passion for traveling made me appreciate not only the touristic sights but also the traditions, the habits and the ways of living in the places I visited.

Such passion has fed my interest towards the Arabic countries, making me attend the major on foreign languages at the Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, where I managed to achieve my degree in Arabic and Middle East language and culture.

I also master an excellent levell of English (European C2) and have a good fluency in French and basic Farsi (Persian).

In 2016 I achieved a degree in Cultural Production and Conservation of the Cultural Heritage, history of art course, since I want to know even more about history of art, especially in Venice.

During my leisure time, I love to sing in the gospel/pop choir Joy Singers.

Currently I’m on duty not only as a Tour Guide but also as a receptionist in a charming hotel in Venice, Pensione Accademia.
I also have cooperated with the main tour operators in Venice.

I love to read and to study: when I happen to have some free time, I glean from books and sources because I want to go deeper learning more about the history, art, legends and mysteries of Venice.

I love to travel and discover different cultures and traditions. I visited many places in the world, different from each other for culture and religion: Arab countries, Mexico, United States, Thailand and Indonesia, Zanzibar, Mauritius as long with the main cities in Europe and Italy. Such way to enjoy travels made me understand the importance of trusting the inhabitants and local guides to discover habits, traditions and ways of living that no paper or online guide can give an idea of.

I think that a city like Venice, welcoming more than 20 millions of tourists per year, needs to be enjoyed not only for its artistic beauties yet rich of history, but also for the current habits of daily life, in a city whose natural element is water and whose inhabitants live, relating to its one of a kind shape and environment.

This is what I would like to pass down to you by walking on your side in Venice.

Enrico Bonamano