What’s the difference between a Tour Guide and a Tour Leader in Italy?

Nowadays a licensed Tour Guide in Italy can work within the whole national territory and is not exclusively local anymore. A Tour Guide can carry out walking tours and explanations also in the interiors of museums, churches and monuments. This is due to the 6 August 2013 law nr.97, also called “2013 European law”, confirmed by the Lazio Tar sentence on February 24 2017 which canceled the DM 2015 concerning particular sites and sights which would have needed a further special license.
In spite of all that, I am a Venetian guide and operate exclusively in Venice, thus I define myself as a “local guide”.

I would like to ask for a service not mentioned online. Is it possible?

For sure. The mentioned tours are suggestions and not the only ones provided, so to say you are welcome to ask for a custom itinerary. For instance, it’s possible to tour with you for all the time needed, also to farther places like the northern islands (Murano, Burano, Torcello) or alternative routes, particular museums, upon agreement and on demand.

Can You provide transfers and touristic assistance?

As a licensed Tour Leader as well I can to provide touristic assistance with transfer to/from the terminals (Airport, railway station, bus-car terminal Tronchetto, bus-car terminal Piazzale Roma) and to/from hotels, apartments, bed and breakfast, in Venice, Mestre, mainland and even the whole Italy. Now I’m less active in this kind of commitments yet feel free to enquire.

What’s the rates for Your services?

Feel free to fill the form, send me an email or call me at my mobile phone in the Contact page to send Your request so we can work on the best proposal and solution.

What’s included in your tours?

Usually only the guided tour is included and incidentals not mentioned like entry fees, transportation and food are extra to be paid on the spot. We can agree the entry fees beforehand if necessary based on a custom itinerary.